Hello girls, it has being a long time since I made a post. I have been swamped working on the new house, classes, work and new projects that I hope to share with you soon. The last few months I have been trying different makeup brands and becoming more confident about trying new colors, especially on my lips. Red, orange, fuchsia are my favorite colors. I feel like they look good with dark hair. I have new favorites, and I love every one of these! I hope you girls decide to try them. Let me know how it works for you and what you think about the colors.
71Ath8xLi-L._SX522_ Smashbox Always on Mate (HERE): My new favorite one by far, I tried a few weeks ago, and I’m still In love with it.The color is amazing, the texture is soft, and the color stays much longer than any other lipstick I wore before. I got many compliments on how well my color lasted for hours. Also Smashbox is the only lip color thatI don’t need to use a lipliner before I applied, because the applicator that comes with it is perfect.
61cWXGUV2SL._SX522_ Wet and Wild (HERE: Loving wet and wild matte lipstick. They are the best lipstick you will find at any store like, Walmart, Walgreens, Target! Wet and Wild it’s just amazing, and you can get three for 10 dollars. Wet and Wild comes in around 13 colors from a basic nude to a dark brown color. This is a perfect matte lipstick to try new colors without to spending a fortune. They last a long time, and they look great after hours. You just need to use a lipliner to make sure everything looks perfect.
nyx003_nyx_lingerieliquidlipstick_2017packaging_pushup_1560x1960-oasqd NYX Lingerie (HERE): NYX it’s everyone’s favorite. They are not only an affordable brand, but they also produce a high quality makeup line. I love all their collections, but my favorite so far is NYX Lingerie. The colors are perfect for a natural or casual makeup, and I love to be able to find so many shades of nude colors
51kJ32ieNkL._SX522_ Milani Cosmetics (HERE):Milani is a brand that I found on video reviews of my favorite YouTubers. The lipsticks and lip liners are very pigmented and have an excellent quality. I honestly like them a lot, and they come in many different colors.
 Hope you girls give these brands a try. They are my true favorites. Besides being high-quality and affordable, they are perfect for trying new colors and makeup styles.

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