investment pieces: bags!

investment pieces: bags!

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Pastel inspiration

Pastel inspiration 7

Lately, I’ve been totally obsessing over pastels. Whether we’re talking houses, interior or fashion. If it’s pastel, I love it! Mostly combinations of lime and pastel pink really stole my heart. I’ve been craving to create an outfit with pastel pink and lime for a while now. But there’s one minor detail; I only own ...
Luciana Balderrama

Luciana Balderrama 3

With just a year in the Mexican market, Luciana Balderrama is one of the most promising in the world of fashion in Mexico. She launched her brand in 2014 for elaborate embroidery and structured silhouettes that have rapidly built a style identity. Luciana studied for half a decade abroad. First in Rome at the European ...
weekly shopping picks: Asos selection

weekly shopping picks: Asos selection

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Floral Dress

Floral Dress 11

Nothing better represents my style than dresses, and although I know how important it is to innovate and dare to wear different clothes, it’s hard to stop using what make us feel comfortable and cute. This dress is one of my favorites for this time of year. The color, design and material are perfect! To ...

Spring 14

This is the outfit that I wore on Friday, I took a skort and crop top accessories combined earth colors. An an “all-white” outfit is the perfect choice if we have to put together a quick outfit. It is versatile, can be mixed with many colors and especially it allows us to create both formal, ...